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Ausstellungseröffnung „Schuhe.Steine.Ich.“ in Berlin

72nd Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau

Activities organised by the International Auschwitz Committee to mark 27 January 2017

25 January — Exhibition opening ‘Shoes, Bricks, Me’ in Berlin with Sigmar Gabriel, Chairman of the SPD and German Vice Chancellor, and Auschwitz survivor Prof. Felix Kolmer (Prague)  read more

26 January — Remembering the artist couple Felka Platek and Felix Nussbaum – ‘I see dogs straining at their leashes’. Invitation to a scenic reading with musical accompaniment in Wolfsburg  read more

28 January — Premiere of ‘The Passenger’ in Gelsenkirchen. An opera in two acts by Mieczyslaw Weinberg after the novel by the Auschwitz survivor Zofia Posmysz.  read more