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Essential Texts


29. June 2015: Gröning trial – final speech of the defence

To be precise: tears. Never ending. Repeated tears, even after 71 years.

"We accuse for the suffering and loss, we accuse for our loneliness, we accuse for the cruellest of killing, we accuse for the many millions of missing kaddish recitals beside the deathbeds of our murdered relatives whose voices were silenced in Auschwitz. We accuse because of time, which heals no wounds, but instead burns them deeper into our souls. We accuse for the screams within ourselves, which we are still suppressing to this day so that we can be accepted as 'normal people'." Read more

Press conference concerning the Survivors' Bequest (c) Boris Buchholz

“The Survivors’ Bequest”

Preserve Remembrance – Conserve authentic Places – Assume Responsibility

2009 – ten presidents of organizations of survivors of the holocaust signed a joint statement: the Survivors' Bequest. "We ask young people to carry on our struggle, against Nazi ideology and for a just, peaceful and tolerant world, a world that has no place for ant-Semitism, racism, xenophobia and right-wing extremism."  Read more