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The International Auschwitz Committee was founded by survivors of the Auschwitz concentration camp. The main objective of our work: Auschwitz shall happen never again! Please feel invited to get more information about the IAC and its work.
Since we are currently moving to this new site, the english section will grow – little by little, but steady. Thank you for your patience.

The Eleventh: Don't be indifferent. Indifference kills.

Letter of the Survivors to the participants of the Catholic Church’s World Youth Day

"Express your outrage at injustice and at the complacency of those who allow injustice to happen."

+++ July 29th: Pope Francis visits Auschwitz +++ Catholic Church’s World Youth Day in Krakow: Thousands of young people visit Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial +++ Letter and poster of the Survivors +++

Shimon Peres © Chatham House

IAC mourns Shimon Peres

“The Holocaust must not become a barrier against faith in decency, in hope and in life.”

On the death of Shimon Peres, the International Auschwitz Committee declares: "Shimon Peres deplored hatred. Despite all of the harrowing struggles in his life he always remained the one who hoped, and the one who sought: a realist who believed in goodness. The world has grown darker with the departure of Shimon Peres." Read more

Trial in Detmold

Letter to former SS-officer Reinhold Hanning

Leon Schwarzbaum: "You will be alone with yourself until you die"

"It was up to you to speak the historical truth, just as we Auschwitz survivors have done here in Detmold. You did not do this, even though the court treated you with such great care and sensitivity. Just as we, as survivors, will have to live with the terrible memories until we die, you too will be alone with yourself until you die" Read more

Elie Wiesel, 2003 © Wikimedia Commons

On the death of Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel

He spoke and wrote for the Jewish women, children and men murdered in Auschwitz

"He spoke and wrote for the Jewish women, children and men murdered in Auschwitz. They were his family, and he was their voice that rang out repeatedly above and beyond forgetfulness, anti-Semitism and hatred. At this time especially – in these days of hatred and fundamentalism – we will sorely miss Elie Wiesel’s voice." Read more

Imre Kertesz © Csaba Segesvári / Wikipedia

On the death of Imre Kertesz

With interminable pain and utter clarity

Imre Kertesz was a powerful and precise voice of the Auschwitz survivors and an unsilenced voice of all the Jewish people who remained in Auschwitz. His memories, which he formulated for the present and the future of mankind, described without pathos, but with interminable pain and utter clarity, what human beings were capable of in Auschwitz and what they are still capable of today. Read more


Eva Fahidi and ‘The Symptoms’ in Berlin, 24.1.2016

I dance my trauma

A 90-year-old woman who has survived the Holocaust: can she empathise with a young woman of today? This is the idea that inspires Eva Fahidi and the dancer Emese Cuhorka. The idea they bring to life in their dance duet. The two women talk as they move together and entwine on the stage. They ask each other questions, they give answers. Eva Fahidi overcomes the challenging exertions of the performance. And she leaves the hearts of the audience racing. “I want to show myself, with my trauma, with my suffering,” she says. “Despite this, I am a happy person. I enjoy life, I really do, because I want to.” Read more

Art from the Holocaust

Art from the Holocaust, 25.1.2016

“Thank you for letting us see this in Berlin”

The Pei Building in Berlin, the annex to the Museum of German History, first floor. Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel takes her time as she views a unique exhibition before the official opening: Art from the Holocaust – 100 Works from the Yad Vashem Collection. All of the drawings graphic works and paintings were created by Jewish artists during the Holocaust. They are on show for the first time outside Israel. Read more

Roman Kent, President of the International Auschwitz Committee © Boris Buchholz

Roman Kent, Auschwitz Survivor and IAC-President

Nazi Prosecutions: An Unmistakable Warning

How can there be a Statute of Limitations for Nazi crimes against humanity which were of such enormous gravity and those who participated not be brought to justice and pay the price for their terrible crimes no matter how late? No one should conclude that at least the ones who took part in inflicting such unspeakable suffering should be allowed to evade justice merely because of their prolonged success in eluding detection.  Read more

Press conference concerning the Survivors' Bequest © Boris Buchholz

“The Survivors’ Bequest”

Preserve Remembrance – Conserve authentic Places – Assume Responsibility

Ten presidents of organizations of survivors of the holocaust signed a joint statement: the Survivors' Bequest. "We ask young people to carry on our struggle, against Nazi ideology and for a just, peaceful and tolerant world, a world that has no place for ant-Semitism, racism, xenophobia and right-wing extremism."  Read more