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Today’s EU summit in Strasbourg and refugee policies: reflecting on the values of Europe

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Prior to today‘s EU summit, Auschwitz survivors in the International Auschwitz Committee (IAC) are appealing to the European heads of state and government to remember the European values which led the formerly hostile peoples into a community almost free of hatred and aggressiveness following the horrors of Auschwitz and war.

The fact that in many places in Europe today the plight of refugees and the fear of them is being instrumentalized by demagogues in order to regenerate an atmosphere of hatred and persecution of minorities, is reminding Auschwitz survivors of their own painful experiences and is utterly unbearable for them.

Whilst at the Auschwitz Memorial Christoph Heubner, Executive Vice President of the IAC said:

"The shabby cynicism of the Italian Interior Minister and the aggressive acts of the Hungarian authorities against refugees, which are increasingly coming to light, are abominable and reflect disgracefully on the whole of Europe. For this reason the survivors of Auschwitz are appealing to the heads of states and governments at their meeting today in Strasbourg, to support all of the European citizens who are determined not to let Europe go to the dogs which are already patrolling refugee camps and border fences in Europe."